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A new mistake by the judges and Barça still failed to beat

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Barcelona failed to win a second consecutive match in the Primera Liga after making a 2:2 against Celta on its own in a 14th round match. Like a week ago against Valencia, the judges made a gross mistake, ignoring a completely regular Luis Suarez`s goal-kick in the middle of the first half at 1:1. The attack was not recognized for ambush, but the repetition saw that there was none. In the last round, Lionel Messi`s goal was not booked even though the ball thumped behind the goal.

This draw on Camp Nou gives Real Madrid a chance and the other pursuers to shorten their lag behind the Catalan leader. In a victory over Athletic Bilbao later today, the champions will come close to 6 points.

Jagos Aspas scored for the guests in the 20th minute but only two later Lionel Messi leveled. Luis Suarez scored for 2:1 in the 62nd minute, but in the 70th Maxi Gomez hit Terre Stegen for the final 2:2. The hosts also hit two beams while Paulinho and Pique missed an empty goal after they had overtaken the goalkeeper. The main figures in the hosts, headed by Messi, returned to the starting team. Six of them got a break in the past match against Murcia for the Cup of Spain and now they had to be in perfect condition. Ernesto Valverde re-voted Leo and Luis Suarez`s trust in the attack, and Paulinho was in the midfield, which was arranged in a diamond. Sergi Roberto acted as a right back.

Cella is presented at tides and was ninth in the table before this round. The team from Galicia, however, came to Camp Nou with its dangerous strikers Maximiliano Gomez and Jagos Aspas. John Guidetti remained among the reserves.

The match started with a yellow card for Luis Suarez before the first minute. The Uruguayan slapped Sergi Gomez to the ground, injuring his shoulder. This also led to a replacement of the defender. The guests staked a solid presence in front of their goalie and calmly accepted the los coules attacks. In the early minutes, there were no dangers.

In the 20th minute Celta`s players made a counter-attack, in which Aspas first got out of ambush and then sent the ball into the net after Mark-Andre Stegen had previously secured a goal after a shot ofMaxi Gomez.

The leader`s response to the ranking was however lightning. Two minutes later, Messi equalized with a shot between Ruben Blanco`s legs.

In the 25th minute there was a lot of discussion, where Suarez was brought out on guard and realized, but the side judge lifted the ambush flag. From the repetitions, there was no such thing. Barca`s pressure was already strong and in the 31st minute Messi shot in the beam.

In the 36th Paulinho was in the middle of a second goal after shooting with a few meters but the goalkeeper saved. In the 44th, Messi had a 2-1 lead, but Pioneer Sisto, who today had far more defensive features than usual, intervened at the right time. The second part began with a golden chance for Paulinho after 48 minutes the Brazilian jumped himself against the goal keeper, overcame it, but then did not hit the door.

Captain Andres Iniesta left the game according rugby predictions at the expense of D

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