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Barca Coach:Hope the best to come

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Barcelona`s senior coach Ernesto Valverde is in no hurry to enjoy the huge lead to Real Madrid and the accompanying problems at the Los Blancos. Once again, the mentor shows his restraint. We do not write down anybody. So far, the season has had some important moments:the reversal of Real Madrid, the two matches predicted by rugby-predictions against Juventus in the Champions League. But hopefully the best is yet to come, Valverde said. He was asked to comment on Jordi Alba`s statement that if Barca were lagging behind the champions at 19 points, they would have been killed in Catalonia. I do not know what would happen in such a situation, said the coach. Today he had a press conference on Espanyol`s upcoming visit to the 1/4 Finals of the Cup of Spain. The duel is on Wednesday at 22:00.

Valverde has called for not to make a major drama about Ousmane Dembele`s new injury, which may miss nearly a month. It is not easy when you previously had such a severe trauma. That`s part of the football and we`ll do it, `said the specialist. He also talks about Luis Suarez, who began to score regularly, unlike the unbeatable start of the season. Luis can realize from any position. But he is not a classic ninety, but a footballer who knows how to create space for his teammates with his moves. Central defenders can not easily deal with him, Valverde is delighted.

Kasper Silesen will be back in this match. This boy is very committed during the training. He is a player who is completely dealt with in every activity and his strong performance is not accidental. That`s his secret, happy is the former coach of Athletic Bilbao.

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