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The transfer grew even bigger - Arsenal got angry at Chelsea

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The run-of-the-line run-of-the-money transfer of Pierre-Emerik Aubameyang, Olivier Girush and Mishi Batshuay is getting more complicated, the BBC said. Reporter David Ornstein describes the situation as follows:

Aubameyang has an appointment for medical tests in London on Wednesday morning. As we know, the deal can only happen if Borussia (Dortmund) finds a replacement. Earlier today, everything was prepared to relinquish Batshuai in Dortmund and transfer Giuli to Chelsea for 20m pounds. However, Chelsea, through its Marina Granovskaya negotiator, is trying at the last minute to overthrow Girus. In Arsenal, they did not react well and threaten to end negotiations and send Girou to Borussia to sign a contract with Aubameyang. The problem now is whether Girush himself will agree to take over to Germany (as was the preliminary plan before Chelsea`s entry into the game). If this does not happen and he stays in Arsenal, Dortmund will have to look for another Obamayan replacement if the deal for him is still to be realized.

Sky Sports, however, claims that Obama-Obama`s previews are Arsenal-based tonight.

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