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Liverpool is one of England`s most famous clubs, but has not been a champion since 1990. Fans crave for the return of the old class and the arrival of Jurgen Klop has inspired hopes for many that change is a fact. So far, however, the German manager has been unable to bring the trophy. Clop said he felt no pressure on the subject on the part of the owners. No one pressure us. The owners do not tell me:In the next season or your champion, or you leave. Outsiders are the ones who say how I`m going to be under pressure if I do not win awards, the specialist told Daily Mail. He hinted that at this stage Manchester City`s superiority was hard to overcome because of the financial strength of the outgoing champion. If we only talk about City money, there is no way we can compete. We have already said that there are two clubs adviced by contacts with rugby predictions in the world that are owned by whole countries, he said, pointing out that UAE is behind the City, but behind the money of Saint-Germain-Qatar.

`There is no way we can resist it, ` said Clap. `It would be easy for me to justify that we only have Fenway Sports Group as the owner. However, I do not accept things this way because the Fenway Sports Group is great. We just have to accept City as our neighbors and say that they play fantastic football that is good for watching and everything is deserved as a result. We have the chance to do things in a similar way. That is what we strive for. The problem here in Liverpool is that people are waiting too long. In another case, they could have been happy with the current situation. But we can not change our story, and we do not want it. That is why we have to deal with it.

The contract of Clap with Merseyside is until the summer of 2022.

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