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There is a storm in Mourinho United

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Jose Mourinho has the soul of a leader. It inspires confidence in its players, in its people at all, embraces the word team. He touched the ball as the plumber touched the violin, and today he is one of the most prestigious football coaches in the world and has won all the biggest trophies. An unguarded madridist, the Portuguese continues to keep in touch with white Florentino Perez`s president, but today manages with an iron hand Manchester United. As Napoleon does not tolerate protests. Therefore, a storm is riding in the red dressing room today. Ask Paul Pogba
Mourinho looks right into your eyes and tells you what he thinks, no matter how hurt or balancing you. His friend and disciple Aitor Karanka said:I learned from Jose that the best thing for the players is to tell them the truth directly. And the Portuguese does not hold back. If a player does not run or does not make enough effort, he is instantly placed on the bench. He did this with Iker Casiyas, he did with Eden Hazard, and now he`s with Pomba. Here I am the leader, and with that, the players must be fully aware, `Setubal`s mentor cut off.

Either you are with him or you face him. Ask Sergio Ramos, whom Mourinho left no time on the bench for dare to contradict his rules. Or his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo. Or Mesut Oosil, who flew to Arsenal after the individualist label placed by the Portuguese coach. The team stands above everything, and right after it is him. Players, just like me, are here to serve the team to do their best for the team. Unless something special happens, I train teams, not individualities. And I prefer to talk about everyone as a whole, says the coach.
This thing seems to have escaped the French superstar Pogba, who allowed himself to apologize to Mourinho after Manchester United`s defeat at Newcastle. Thus, the once record record in the history of football has penalized -;placing the bench. Sources from the club`s kitchen reveal that the relationship between Mau and the French ac is tense.

After a season and a half in Manchester, Jose continues to live alone at the Lowry Hotel, 15 minutes from his workplace at the AON Training Center (formerly known as the Trafford Training Center or just as Carrington). His wife and children stayed in London, where he traveled at every opportunity and drank at the emblematic La Familia restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood.
In his apartment at the hotel, Mow has a small cabinet and a modern videogame for watching matches, and each afternoon gathers with his loyal collaborators, Rui Faria, Silvinu Loorou, Ricardo Formosyneu, Carlos Lalin, Emilio Alvarez and Giovanni Cherra. Three Portuguese, two Spaniards and one Italian form Mourinho`s hard core;a team that tries to minimize the bad results according records of rugby tipster and with which the coach draws out any upcoming battle on the pitch.

United are ready to follow him to death. Executive Director Ed Woodward said in re-signing the contract by 2020:His work ethic and professionalism are exceptional. Does it make us grow with our spirit as the winner and the first?

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