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Balotelli`s historic goal led Nice to victory

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The Nice team interrupted their 5-game series without winning in League One, while Mario Balotelli scored the No. 3, 000 goal for the team in the French football elite. The Italian striker opened the score in a 2-1 win over Lille, and the three points for the `eagle` provided Vilan Simrian in the 80th minute.

Simrian also took part in Balotelli`s jubilee victory in the 5th minute. The home winger is on the right and SuperMario caps the ball and delights fans of the Allianz Riviera.

Nice could have made the game from rugby livescore easy, but the team`s leaps to the break were about to be fatal because at the start of the second half Lille played much more offensive and leveling. This happened in the 52nd minute with Aragao`s goal. The Brazilian himself started the attack, passed through Nicholas Pepe and his finishing shot did not leave goalkeeper Walter Benitez a chance. There was a pressure on Nice, but there were not many things at the door of Mick Menyan. However, in the 80th minute, the defenders forgot about Simerien, who took a position on the far beam, and the midfielder scored only for the second time in the season. Balotelli has 22 hits in all the tournaments, and today will remain in the history of Nice. The other teams in France with over 3000 goals in League 1 are Olympique Marseille, St. Etienne, Bordeaux, Monaco and Lyon. Nice is ranked 7th with a total of 39 points. Lille is a 27-year-old and will have a hard battle to survive. The team from northern France scored only 27 goals and at the same time scored 45 goals.





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