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Torres returns to Premier League

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Former Liverpool striker and Chelsea Fernando Torres wants to return to Premier League. The 33-year-old player started in just two games for Atletico Madrid this season, and after Diego Kosta was given the right to play for the `mats, ` El Nino`s chances would be even more minimal.

According to the media, the island`s interest in Torres is showing Newcastle and Southampton. The Spaniard has a contract with Atletico for another 18 months, but his representatives are trying to arrange a transfer.

Torres` plan is to play at a high level for at least another six months, then return to his native club for the final year of his contract. After finishing the deal, the striker plans to end his career, and wants it to happen with Atletico`s team, no matter how many games adviced by records of rugby tipster he will play in the last season. Raphael Benitez, who attracted Torres in Liverpool in 2007 and then worked briefly with him in Chelsea, is close to his compatriot and is likely to meet in Newcastle.

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